Website Accessibility

Alpha One's website has been built to give people up to date and accurate information about issues of concern to people with disabilities. We believe that information empowers and that access to this vital information is essential to living independently.

Our goal is to employ the latest technology to provide understandable information easily accessible to everyone. Your ideas and input can help keep this site up to date and useful. Let us know what you think - we welcome your ideas.

Alpha One's web site was designed to be accessible to all visitors. Special features within the site help to make information available to users with disabilities. Web site visitors using screen reader software will find that photos and illustrations are accompanied by alternative text descriptions. The design and layout of each page help to maintain a logical reading order when assistive technology is used.

This site has a number of text styles for you to choose from. Every page has links to 'High Viz', Dyslexia friendly and default styles at the top of the page. Once you make your selection, that style will follow you throughout the site. If you already have large text set through your browser, that selection will automatically be recognized in the site.

This web site was built with accessibility standards in mind. Your input can help to improve accessibility. Contact