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2016 Scholarship Winners Announced
The winners of the 14th Annual Alpha One Powering Education Scholarship were recognized this week, in a ceremony that took place at Alpha One's South Portland headquarters.
Peer Mentors Help Kids With Autism Learn Social Graces
At first look, itís hard to tell who in the peer mentoring program has autism and who is in regular education at Bellevilleís Westhaven Elementary school. But then a balloon pops, and a kindergartner with autism shrieks ó as would many regular education kindergartners ó and a sixth-grader claps his hands over his ears and keeps them there.
Study Finds Many Charter Schools Feeding "School-to-Prison Pipeline"
A first-ever analysis of school discipline records for the nationís more than 5,250 charter schools shows a disturbing number are suspending big percentages of their black students and students with disabilities at highly disproportionate rates compared to white and non-disabled students.

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