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Parkinson's patients are fighting back against the disease, literally
It's a cruel irony that John Moulton, a 65-year-old massage therapist from Harpswell, received a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease last fall, just as he was preparing for an active retirement. For a guy who built a hands-on career helping people cope with pain, stiffness and impaired mobility, the diagnosis is particularly galling.
PBS To Broadcast Autism Documentary
The sensory experiences of people on the spectrum take center stage in a new documentary set to air on television. In what the film’s creators say is a first, “Spectrum: A Story of the Mind” looks at autism through the lens of taste, smell, touch, sight and sound.
Trump's 'Skinny Budget' Sows Uncertainty For Disability Programs
Deep cuts to domestic spending outlined in a budget plan released by the White House this week could have big implications for people with developmental disabilities. The White House Office of Management and Budget unveiled a 62-page so-called “skinny budget” on Thursday offering a look at the Trump administration’s fiscal priorities for 2018.

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