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Disability References Removed From White House Website
As President Donald Trump took office, nearly every reference to disabilities on the White House website disappeared. The online presence of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. got a revamp tailored to its new resident after Trump's swearing in on Friday and, with the changeover, came a noticeably reduced emphasis on disability matters.
I'm Blind And I Voted. Here's What Went Wrong
The good news is that voting, as an American tradition, is alive and well. The bad news is that the disenfranchisement of people with disabilities - also a tradition in this country - is, too. I experienced it firsthand last Tuesday in Augusta, Maine, when I attempted to exercise my constitutional right to vote.
Trump Win Brings Uncertainty On Disability Policy
Advocates are keeping tight-lipped in the wake of Donald Trump's surprise victory with little known about how the president-elect may shape policies vital to people with disabilities. Notoriously short on specifics, Trump barely touched on disability issues on the campaign trail.

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