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Rite Aid makes available free talking prescription devices for visually impaired
Rite Aid announced Thursday the nationwide availability of talking prescription devices to assist customers with visual impairments. The device will be provided at no cost to customers who are blind or who are visually impaired.
Report details how Freeport can improve accessibility
Members of a committee concerned with accessibility issues in Freeport are pleased with the response they received from the Town Council when they presented an exhaustive report on their recommendations Feb. 2.
Fashion Brand IZ is Using it's Product for Accessibility Advocacy
How much thought do you give to the process of putting on your clothes each day? Not what you’re going to wear, but the actual act of getting dressed? What about how you’re going to get into your local coffee shop on the way to work? The most likely answer is "little-to-none." For people in wheelchairs, however, such things can be a burden.

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