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(Blue) Invacare Pronto Sure Step, M51,
Purchased in 2009, lightly used. Hasn’t been used since apx 2011. Hasn’t been plugged in for quite a while. May possibly need batteries, not sure of this.
Center drive pneumatic sealed tires, flat-free rear, and front. 2″ threshold height. 2 & 1/2″ ground clearance. Takes two U1 12V batteries. New batteries were installed a few yrs after I got it (faulty battery). Charger cord incl. [Has a port in front of the right arm for optional charging and diagnostics. (items for use never were included)], 3-speeds, up to 4.5mph. Right-hand joystick. Operates smoothly and maneuvers easily. Good turning radius. The weight limit is 300 lbs. Very Solid, heavy base and seat. From statistics, I found the weight is between 150-170 w/o batteries. Came with a detachable electric wheelchair-type seat. I did have to shorten the handle canes about 2 and 1/2″ (cut level with the top of the seat) because the total height was too high to fit the van. The company that installed the Joey Lift didn’t obtain proper measurements. Attached seatbelt. Large singular footpad, rugged. Side pockets.