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Access Design provides architectural and consulting services for residential and commercial environments focusing on accessibility.

Our consulting includes working with owners, design professionals, civic groups, and the general public who want to improve the use of their communities for everyone.

As a non profit and a program of Alpha One, Maine’s only Independent Living Center, Access Design has a distinctive integrated design team with the cross disability expertise of Alpha One’s Independent Living Specialists and Occupational Therapists. We work collaboratively to create innovative solutions for our clients to evaluate based on their needs and resources. Contact us for more information about how we can help you.


With universal design as a part of our approach, our focus is to implement smart compliant strategies to make the built environment more accessible for everyone, allowing them to be more actively engaged in their community.

Access Design not only provides guidance on universal design environments, but we also incorporate aspects of simple architectural approach into residential design; extending the enjoyment of the home for years to come.



Access Design's involvement on a project offers quality attention to accessibility compliance, opportunities to exceed requirements, and better serve the users of the building through creative and sensible solutions.

Accessibility compliance reviews during the design and construction documentation phase can include follow-up reports of compliance issues and solutions to remove barriers as a part of a sustainable design.


Visit-ability is an affordable, sustainable and inclusive design approach for integrating basic accessibility features  into all newly built homes and housing.  

Visit-ability is an important step toward making universal access to community life a reality. Visit-ability is still a voluntary standard that can be used in any type of housing not yet covered by accessibility regulations. More information about Visit-ability.


Archived Materials


  • ADA Standard for Accessible Design
  • Technical Assistance
  • Existing Facility Evaluations/Transition Plans
  • Design Review
  • Universal Design
  • Aging in Place Home Assessments
  • Outreach and Education
  • Expert Witness Services


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