The Self-Direction Pilot Program provides adults who experience severe and persistent mental illness, trauma, emotional and behavioral problems with more choice, control, and flexibility over goods and services to help reach goals.

Allowable and Not Allowable Goods Allowable includes: transportation, technology and wifi, fitness center membership, educational classes, adaptive equipment, household items, items to help meet goals. Not allowable includes; items that are against the law or experimental, vacations, cash payments and gift cards for reimbursements, purchase/ lease/ rents vehicles, insurance, weapons, gambling, and housing maintenance or rent. For more information talk to your support broker.

This program is a Maine Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) program for the Section17 Waiver where Alpha One is the Community Support Provider. Highly-trained Alpha One Independent Living Specialists will work as support brokers and will assist participants with exploring wellness interests, potential services, and items that will help participants reach their goals from their person-centered plan. This also incudes assisting with spending decisions and helping to monitor their budget. The support broker will provide participants with a personalized debit card. The debit card is connected to a website and smart-phone app for convenient monitoring of funds and budget.

Some possibilities within this program include:

  • Taking a cooking class to learn how to prepare healthy meals.
  • Trying alternative stress or pain management treatments. such as acupuncture or yoga.
  • Hiring a tutor to meet your educational goals.
  • Purchasing a laptop to study in your home.

To enroll in the pilot, you must:

  • reside in Cumberland, Hancock, or Washington County,
  • be age 18+ or an emancipated minor; and 
  • meet eligibility criteria for MaineCare Section 17 Community
    Integration Services.
  • Complete a Self-Direction Pilot Program Referral Form.

For more information about the Self-Direction Pilot Program, contact Alpha One.

More Information

For more information about mental health self-direction, go to the following websites:

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