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Two young men playing the game of pickleball on a court. One of the men is in a wheelchair. Horizontal composition with sunlight behind the players.

In collaboration with the Maine Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Alpha One created six webinars for youth with disabilities. The webinars, which included live video footage of in-classroom peer mentoring sessions, will enable Alpha One youth peer mentors to reach more young people in high schools throughout the state.

Alpha One has a youth scholarship that is awarded to three individuals every year who are looking to transition to secondary education. For more information, go to the Powering Education Scholarship page.

Alpha One can help in a limited fashion on a one-on-one basis for students transitioning from high school to secondary education or jobs. This can include one-on-one discussions with youth to determine their desires and strengths as well as connecting families or youth to resources in order to best achieve their life goals.

Alpha One offers driver evaluations to determine a whether a youth with a disability has capacity to begin the process of driving. While we do not complete driver training, the driver evaluation is an important first step in the process of driving for youth with a disability, and essential activity for independence. For more information, go to the Adaptive Driver Evaluation page.