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How do I get started?

  • All of our Alpha One consumers must first have a Maximus assessment. Maximus is an assessing agency that will determine your care needs as well as the services and care coordination agency that you are eligible to use. To set up a Maximus assessment, contact the following number: 833.525.5784.

Can I hire my family member or friend?

  • Yes, depending on the program that you are eligible for.

What if I don’t have anyone to be a caregiver?

  • Alpha One has a Caregiver Registry where you can search for staff. Alpha One’s Independent Living Specialists can help provide a skills training where they can discuss how to advertise, screen, interview, and hire caregivers. Also, depending on if you are eligible, Alpha One has programs where you can use agency staff.

What is the pay rate for caregivers?

  • The pay rate for caregivers depends on the Fiscal Intermediary services that you use as well as the program that you are eligible for. Your Independent Living Specialist will be able to give you more information about this.