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As a Center for Independent Living (CIL), transition services are one of the 5 core services that Alpha One provides. These transition services can assist a range of Mainers with disabilities, from youth transitioning from school to secondary education or job readiness programs to adults transitioning home from an extended stay in a nursing facility. As a CIL, Alpha One provides Independent Living (IL) services to connect consumers in need of resources to those community members needing more assistance. Through the IL program, Independent Living Specialists (ILSs) meet directly with consumers and families to assist in various transitions. Alpha One has limited IL funds and staff time available for these services and we can assist consumers who are highly motivated and embrace consumer direction or have families who can provide leg work to assist with these transitions. Alpha One will meet with families and consumers to provide suggestions and, at times, direct care coordination, to assist them in in shifts to different stages in life. ILSs will provide a focused “road map”, directing tools and information to consumers looking to transition, and will empower consumers to follow through with these elements on their own. Youth transitions are particularly complicated and our ILSs have the backgrounds and experience to assist with smooth transitions to different phases of life or living situations. Call and ask for an IL assessment to connect with an ILS and start the process.