2019 Novel Coronavirus - (COVID-19) - Updates and Information

Alpha One is contracted with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Aging and Disability Services (OADS) for Section 63: In-home and Community Support Services for Elderly and Other Adults (HBC). Alpha One provides care coordination services and processes claims for the HBC program.

To view staffing needs, refer to the Agency Staffing Needs portal. Consumers who need staffing for their Section 63 program will be highlighted on the staffing list. You will also receive an email with that Section 63 staffing needs listed.

Please review all aspects of the Section 63 handbook included on this page. Should there be a change in the handbook since it was last posted on the Alpha One website, a notice will be posted. Please monitor for any notices.

If you have difficulty accessing the Agency Staffing Needs portal, the Provider handbook, or anything related to the information on the Alpha One website, contact Jaclyn Dube at jdube@alphaonenow.org.


The AO HBC Billing Spreadsheet was updated in June of 2023.  You were emailed the updated spreadsheet and can also find it on the Alpha One website. Please ensure you are working with the most up to date version.